CONTIN-multiq is a special version of CONTIN for the following applications:

Reference (in addition to those for CONTIN):


Download by clicking on the 8 files below and saving them from your browser.
  1. README.txt (2.3KB): Short guide for the installation and test run; read this first;
  2. contin-manual1.pdf (4292 kB);
  3. contin-manual2.pdf (1960 kB);
  4. cpc1.pdf (1009 kB);
  5. cpc2.pdf (640 kB);
  6. ppsc96.pdf (342 kB);
  7. contin-multiq.for ( 88KB): (zipped with gzip) Fortran source code (not needed if you can use the executable below).
  8. (1.2KB): Test data.
You need a Fortran compiler, except that the following executable (gzip'd) may work on your Linux system: contin-multiq-linux (119KB).

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Last modified: 18 November 2016