1. R.W. Wijnaendts van Resandt, R.H. Vogel & S.W. Provencher: Double beam fluorescence spectrometer with subnanosecond resolution: Application to aqueous tryptophan. Rev. Sci. Instr. 53, 1392 (1982).
  2. R.H. Vogel: SplMod User's Manual (1988).
  3. S.W. Provencher & R.H. Vogel: Regularization techniques for inverse problems in molecular biology in: Numerical Treatment of Inverse Problems in Differential and Integral Equations, eds. P. Deuflhard & E. Hairer (Birkhäuser, Boston, 1983), pp. 304-319.


Download by clicking on the 5 files below and saving them from your browser.
  1. README.txt (2.0KB): Short guide for the installation and test run; read this first;
  2. splmod-manual.pdf (3710 kB);
  3. hd83.pdf (1237 kB) (useful, but not necessary reading);
  4. splmod.for ( 72KB): (zipped with gzip) Fortran source code;
  5. splmod.in (2.7KB): Test data.
You need a Fortran compiler, except that the following (gzip'd) executable may work on your Linux system: splmod-linux (115KB).

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Last modified: 18 November 2016